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National Privacy Principles


Our practice complies with both laws and the National and Health Privacy Principles (NPPs). This act gives individuals the right to know what the information a private sector organisation holds about them, the right to access this information and also make corrections if they consider data is incorrect.

These rules set out how personal information must be collected and managed in the public health sector environment.

The individual privacy principles for health reflect in part the unique nature of personal information in the health context and provides greater consistency across the Australian health sector.

In summary, the NPPs cover:

  • NPP 1 – collection of personal information
  • NPP2 – limits on use or disclosure of personal information
  • NPP 3 – quality of personal information
  • NPP 4 – security of personal information
  • NPP 5 – information about personal information holdings
  • NPP 6, NPP 7 – access and amendment of personal information
  • NPP 8 – anonymity
  • NPP 9 – collection and handling of sensitive personal information